-Scott Racks LLC- Custom Vehicle Rooftop Cargo Carriers

Terms & Conditions

Legal Notice:

Scott Racks LLC is a licensed and registered business with the State of California and the United States; all Rights Reserved.

All products and designs are patent trademark protected. Any attempt to copy, sell, or promote any Scott Racks LLC products or designs without prior approval and authorization by the president and owner of Scott Racks LLC is unlawful and prohibited and will be met with swift and immediate legal action.

Limited Warranty & Responsibility Policy:

While we at Scott Racks take great pride in the durability and longevity of our products, Scott Racks does not claim to have products that are able to withstand damage caused by normal wear and tear usage. Due to the nature of usage of a Scott Rack and what it may be used for, it is likely to be exposed to extreme weather conditions, bumps, dings, rough objects that can scratch, etc. and cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred by wear and tear.

Scott Racks LLC cannot be held responsible for damages caused by any misuse of its products;

Definition of Misuse - Any use of a Scott Rack that is outside of the described design limits that are provided within this website and provided in writing with each Scott Rack upon delivery. Any tossing, dropping, falling, or twisting of a Scott Rack and or damage resulting from any vehicle incidents. A Scott Rack damaged from improperly securing it onto the roof of any vehicle. Damage caused by exposure to harsh chemicals whether by accident or intentional. Exposure to extreme weather conditions. Using a Scott Rack for any other purpose than carrying cargo on a vehicle's rooftop support system.

While Scott Racks LLC does provide high quality velcro strapping with each Scott Rack, we will not and do not provide direction or advice on how to properly secure a Scott Rack to the roof of any vehicles. It shall be the responsibility of each Scott Rack owner to properly secure their Scott Rack to the rooftop support system of their particular vehicles.

Sales Policy:

Due to the nature of usage of a Scott Rack, once a Scott Rack has been delivered it is out of Scott Racks LLC control of any damages to a Scott Rack that may reflect a quality flaw, thus all sales are final upon delivery of any Scott Rack order. Any claims of damage upon inspection of a Scott Racks LLC order delivery must be reported within five hours of said delivery and will be reviewed and handled on a case by case basis. NO BUYERS REMORSE RETURNS.

Scott Racks may be paid in full upon the initial order or a 50% deposit must be made and the balance paid at the time the Scott Rack is completed and ready to be shipped. Refunds are provided if claimed before a Scott Rack is shipped out for delivery. Refunds must be requested in writing on the website Contact Us tab. A 10% restocking fee will be assessed for all refunds granted.