-Scott Racks LLC- Custom Vehicle Rooftop Cargo Carriers

About Scott Racks

Hello, this is the founder of Scott Racks, Scott Rymer.  First off, allow me to thank you for visiting our website and checking out our awesome creations.  I am confident that we can design a great looking durable rack to meet your special needs.  I personally speak with every customer during the design and building of each Scott Rack to ensure accuracy and ensure good customer service is being met.  I look forward in speaking with you to help you with your Scott Rack creation that I know you will enjoy for a very long time.

About the Company:

Here at Scott Racks, we design and build lightweight custom vehicle rooftop cargo carrier racks to fit the needs of our customers; so light it may only take one person to place it on to the roof of your vehicle.  We recognized that the mass merchandise stores just didn't carry cargo carriers to fit most peoples needs because of the various styles of vehicles out on the roads and the various types and styles of vehicle rooftop support systems.  So, with this in mind, we decided to provide a product that people can have input into the size of the rack they want, the type of floor they need for their rack, to add a rear gate to their rack, and even to choose the decoration or theme of their rack.  Our Scott Racks are a patented durable design made to last.

The Design Phase:

The first step is to understand the type of rooftop support system that you have on your vehicle; most modern SUV's come with rooftop rails in order to install a support system.  Often times those rails have open spaces for straps to be placed, so if you don't want to purchase a support system, we can design and build your rack that can be strapped to your rail system.  Second, does your support system have cross bars that are straight or are they curved?  Third, what types of items do you expect to carry in your Scott Rack; luggage, ice chests, tents, small loose items, or even a deer from your hunting trip?  Fourth, will you need a rear opening gate to place and remove your items or are you okay with lifting them over the rails.  Fifth, do you want your Scott Rack painted a particular color, or have a special theme in mind such as a sport team or maybe camouflage for camping or hunting?  Lastly, if you find that our standard design of 65" Long & 35" Wide will not work for your vehicle, you will need to provide the measurements of the roof top rail system on your vehicle and decide how long you want your Scott Rack to be; how wide your Scott Rack can be, will be limited to the width of your vehicle's rooftop rail system, and for safety purposes there is a maximum design length a Scott Rack will have, according to your rooftop rail system design.

Costing Phase:

The cost of your Scott Rack will be determined by the type of Scott Rack bottom that you want, any extras that you request (ex. rear opening gate or extra vertical bars), if you want it painted or if you have a special theme you want it decorated in, delivery cost, and any required sales taxes.  Your Scott Rack cost can be calculated on the design page.

Placing your order:

Once you've decided on your Scott Rack design, you will submit your order on the "Contact Us" Page and you will receive a phone call by one of our representatives whom will review your order with you.  Once the representative has confirmed that all of the information is accurate and you are satisfied with the design, they will present you with delivery options with associated costs, sales taxes, and payment options.  Once your payment is complete, an email will be sent to you containing a copy of your receipt and a hard copy of your receipt will accompany your Scott Rack when it's delivered.  The average delivery time is 15 business days depending on the detail of your design and where you live.  You will receive email notifications on the progress of your Scott Rack during the building phase to the time it goes out for delivery and then a delivery tracking number will be provide to you; if the delivery is within a 50 mile radius of where your Scott Rack is built, you'll have the option to request a personal delivery by one of our drivers which may shorten the delivery time.