-Scott Racks LLC- Custom Vehicle Rooftop Cargo Carriers

For rooftop supports that are straight across or the need to carry a heavier than normal load is desired.

Custom built vehicle rooftop cargo baskets.

This light weight cargo rack has an open bottom floor. The tubing installed on the bottom of the rack are designed for straight vehicle roof top support systems (no curvature) or vehicles with no roof top cross bar support systems. This tubing is made up of strong lite weight metals and have the ability to carry some of your heavier than normal vacation travel type loads; a deer maybe for those coming back from a hunting trip. There are two high grade aluminum bars crossing the rack to add additional stability to the floor tubing. The side rail tubing are made of the same lite weight metals that are strong and durable so there are no worries of bending or breaking. The vertical supports are made of strong high quality aluminum.